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I am a driven, creative individual with 9+ years of marketing experience. I love having a wide-range of skills in both the marketing and digital realms. Along with marketing, I am also adept at photography, graphic design, and social media. I love learning new things, being challenged, and thinking on my feet at work. Juggling multiple projects and having a varying day-to-day schedule excites me and makes me love coming in every morning.

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The message you send to your customers and the overall perception of your brand is incredibly important. Whether it’s a complete rebrand or some fine-tuning, I can help ensure the message you want is conveyed correctly across all channels. I’m happy working with individuals needing some design, photography, or website work, as well as businesses needing branding, business cards, etc., too!

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From personal photography like family portraits, weddings, pets, and the like that capture and preserve a memory forever all the way through commercial photography like menus, websites, and even real estate so potential customers can see exactly what you have to offer. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words for a reason. Make sure yours is saying exactly what you want!

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