What I Do


The message you send to your customers and the overall perception of your brand is incredibly important. Whether it’s a complete rebrand or some fine-tuning, I can help ensure the message you want is conveyed correctly across all channels, both traditional and digital.


From personal photography like family portraits, weddings, pets, and the like that capture and preserve a memory forever all the way through commercial photography like menus, websites, and even real estate so potential customers can see exactly what you have to offer.


They say content is king for a reason! The actual information you’re conveying is just as important as how it looks. People want simple, up-to-date information and they wanted it yesterday. Recent content also makes a huge difference in your website ranking and SEO, as well.


How something looks can make a huge impact on how well it is received. People do judge a book by its cover and making sure there is a consistent brand image is extremely important. I specialize in branding and corporate communications, like PowerPoint decks, letterheads, t-shirts, posters, menus, logos, and more.