Hi, I'm Kirsten Krupps


Photography »

From personal photography like family portraits, weddings, pets, and the like that capture and preserve a memory forever all the way through commercial photography like menus, websites, and even real estate so potential customers can see exactly what you have to offer.

Graphic Design

How something looks can make a huge impact on how well it is received. People do judge a book by its cover and making sure there is a consistent brand image is extremely important. I specialize in branding and corporate communications, like PowerPoint decks, letterheads, t-shirts, posters, menus, logos, and more. 


The message you send to your customers and the overall perception of your brand is incredibly important. Whether it’s a complete rebrand or some fine-tuning, I can help ensure the message you want is conveyed correctly across all channels, both traditional and digital.

Content »

They say content is king for a reason! The actual information you’re conveying is just as important as how it looks. People want simple, up-to-date information and they wanted it yesterday. Recent content also makes a huge difference in your website ranking and SEO, as well.



I am a driven, creative individual with 12+ years of marketing experience in a variety of industries. I have a wide range of skills in both the traditional and digital realms. From initial strategy, actual creation, and through to execution, I’m comfortable handling any step of a marketing campaign. I have a natural flair for being able to combine creativity with problem-solving, giving me a demonstrated history of strategic marketing planning, content creation, process implementation, event coordination, community relations, and brand management. I love learning new things, being challenged, and thinking on my feet at work. Juggling multiple projects and having a varying day-to-day schedule excites me and makes me love getting started every morning.

I was born and raised in the Midwest (Central Illinois to be exact) and currently located in Austin, Texas. I am an MBA candidate at Lamar University, expecting to graduate in December 2023. I went to Bradley University for Communications, with a concentration in Advertising and minor in Interactive Media for my Bachelors. In addition to my marketing day job, I’ve run my own photography and freelance marketing business since 2011. I love to photograph people, concerts, and pets, as well as do freelance graphic design, social media management, and marketing consulting. I’ve worked in a variety of industries throughout my career, which has given me a well-rounded marketing experience and many transferable skills and processes. 

My StrengthsFinder: Intellection, Strategic, Adaptability, Individualization, Input
Meyers-Briggs: INFP-T – The Mediator
Enneagram Type: Four – The Individualist
Astrology: Aquarius
Harry Potter House: Ravenclaw


A small collection of my work and past projects (not including photography).

I am available for: marketing strategy, branding, website creation, and photography.


I started my blog as another creative outlet to share my personal interests with others and make sure I don’t get rusty when it comes to content marketing. I mainly cover fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle topics on my blog. Feel free to check it out and get to know me on a better level, as well as see some of my writing examples.


The marketing world is ever evolving and staying up-to-date on your skills is crucial. There are so many different methods, different outlets, different ways to accomplish the same goal. I think my set of skills compliment each other and allow me to be creative and adapt quickly to whatever is thrown my way.

Content Creation
Social Media
Digital Marketing
Email Marketing
Graphic Design
Tradeshows + Events



Kirsten has been an incredible asset to our digital marketing team at Sonic Healthcare USA. She immediately stepped-in over the last few months. She was a significant contributor in helping us develop and implement our digital marketing strategy in a highly regulated environment. I found Kirsten to be able to successfully equalize the creative aspect of her position while driving much-needed standardization and marketing operations. As a digital marketer, she always stretched outside her day-to-day deliverables to ensure our digital presence was cohesive, driving brand consistency. Kirsten is a great team player and willing to assist in multiple marketing capacities. I found Kirsten to be extremely creative, motivated, intelligent, pragmatic, logical, and process-oriented. Kirsten has my full endorsement.
– Kristin Barneby
VP of Marketing & Communications


I have worked with Kirsten in various marketing roles and have always been impressed with both the finished product and her work ethic. She has creative ideas and does amazing work at the tactical level to get those ideas turned into action. She has a strong grasp of traditional and digital forms of marketing – excelling at social media marketing. If I were in a position to hire a marketing specialist, I would hire Kirsten in a heartbeat!
– Jill Addy Wright
Director of Sales


I had the pleasure of managing Kirsten at Sonic Healthcare USA. She was an absolute asset to the team and I was very impressed with her work ethic and skills. She is detail-oriented and very deadline-driven. She caught onto the Umbraco system quickly and was always willing to help on projects or quick website wins. In the time that she was not assigned a project, she would find things to improve on our websites and take initiative when she was not asked. I highly recommend her and she would be a great addition to any team.
– Nicole Ramirez
Digital Marketing Manager


Kirsten is am amazing digital marketing professional who has all the skills, expertise, and dedication needed to build and enhance brands. She concepts, develops and deploys digital marketing strategies that resonate with their intended audiences and generate response for positive ROI. Kirsten is an amazing professional who would be a welcome addition to any company that needs a proven digital marketing professional who builds brands and generates revenues. She always has a smiling face and calm demeanor, even during times of stress, and this resonates with her co-workers.
– Kevan Wilkinson
Digital Content Manager & SEO Specialist


I’d love to hear from you; whether you want to learn more about my freelance services, want to collaborate on a project, or simply want to say hi.

FULL NAME: Kirsten Krupps
CALL/TEXT: 309.306.1513
LOCATION: Austin, Texas

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