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While your image isn’t quite as important as your music, the right photos can excite fans and create a connection between the music they love and the band themselves. Eye catching promotional photos for websites, social media platforms, interview features, and tour posters are crucial. Live concert photos are a great way for fans to relive the excitement and show venues interested in booking what you can do. Below are popular options from what I’ve done it the past, but if you’re looking for something different, talk to me – we can always come up with something custom for your budget and needs.


press photos
1 hour on location of your choice
5-12 full sized images
2 year license to use photos for promotional use (web, interviews, social media)
(does not include merch, except autograph/tour posters – talk to me if you’d like to use it for more)
photo credit must be given whenever possible


live concert photos
shooting of 3-5 songs
must secure my admittance into the show with photo pass + ticket/guest list
10-30 websized non-watermarked images to share on internet
photo credit must be given in caption when posted


available for video work
price depends upon project
view video examples here




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